Oil Spill Bioremediation
‘Green’ Clean-up products

Cleaning oil & fuel from parking lots, parking garages & other stormwater runoff

In most states, if you wash any parking lot with water, you must file with the State for a permit that allows you to let the discharge water enter into a storm drain. You must also keep accurate records, and have your wastewater tested at a laboratory on a regular basis. In addition, there are other guidelines in order to stay within compliance with the EPA.

One of the most environmentally friendly ways to clean and maintain parking lots and parking garages is with the natural process called bioremediation.

Bioremediation is a process that uses naturally occurring micro-organisms to transform harmful substances to non-toxic compounds. Micro-organisms, like all living organisms, need carbon, energy and nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphate and trace metals to survive. Many species of soil bacteria, for example, use petroleum hydrocarbons as a food/energy source, transforming them into harmless substances consisting mainly of carbon dioxide and water.

Bioremediation takes advantage of this natural process by promoting the growth of microbes that can effectively degrade specific contaminants such as oil, diesel fuel, gasoline and other liquid petroleum products, and converts them to non-toxic bi-products. Oil and other liquid petroleum bioremediation is an ecologically sound, natural process. What remains from the bioremediation treatment are usually harmless bi-products.

Use PRP Petroleum Remediation Product cleanup booms, powder and pads for parking lot and parking garage oil, fuel and other hydrocarbon bioremediation cleanup.

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